Citizen and Women Power

I genuinely believe this is a great time to be alive especially if you are a woman and also a Nepali citizen. I take immense pride in saying this because the world is finally beginning to recognize the power of women and their penetrating influence across the board. Women have always emerged as leaders in times of crisis. During this recession, for the first time women became the majority of the American workforce. According to Hanna Rosin’s article published in the Atlantic; in America, young, childless, single women now earn more than men do. Women today hold the purchasing power and significantly influence market dynamics. It has really taken this long for the world to acknowledge that women are in fact an untapped resource and ignoring women-power means ignoring development.

This statement may sound a little arrogant or absurd at a time when Nepali government recently banned women under 30 from working in the Middle East. First of all, Nepali government is a whole another topic that I shall discuss in a separate post including the socio-political consequences of Nepali women working abroad as a laborer. Secondly, yes, the majority of the Nepalese society is still a victim of conventional dogma that limits the role of women. Despite this narrow-mindedness I am utterly optimistic. In today’s technologically driven world there is no other way to go but to move forward. The exponential growth of technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with one another. With the free flow of information, the power now lies in the hands of ordinary people like us. Due to the influence of emerging technologies, open communications the speed of development is accelerating. Thus, in order to survive in today’s world – we must adapt to these changes. As Darwin once famously described as ‘survival of the fittest’. Those who choose to persist changing with time despite the challenges; will continue to exist. Where as those who choose not to; will be deemed irrelevant and ousted.

It is equally an awesome time to be a Nepali citizen because young Nepalese are truly walking the walk as opposed to their predecessors. The young generation is in tuned with the nuances of local needs at the same time very well-acquainted with the effects of globalization. Every day you get to read about the young Nepalese making a difference in their society. Whether it is about Kathmandu Cycle City 2020, where they have come together to work with the government to make Kathmandu a cycle friendly city or even something as poignant as initiating the graffiti art work on the political-slogan-filled walls of Kathmandu. This is a proof that the young Nepalese are ready to write their own stories. Willing to sing their own songs and march to the beat of their own drum. These young people are dreamers, risk takers. They are the true movers and shakers of this nation.

We belong to a generation who has come to terms with the reality that key to development lies in women empowerment and gender equality. Not every generation gets to be a part of the movement that defines the future. I believe we are that awakened generation of women and men and together we are shaping the future of our country heralding a new era of development.

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