San Francisco (SF) Chinatown

If you’ve lived your whole life in a place like Kathmandu, you would fall in love with what they boast as the largest Chinatown outside of Asia in San Francisco. The layout is strikingly similar to Thamel including the ambiance. Except, the air may not ooze the aromatic smell of incense – which if I can remember is totally a Thamel thing. But that’s still okay, cause trust me contrary to most reviews this place does not stink! 28% of the populations living in this city are Chinese; they all came during the gold rush of the 1848 that lasted for seven years. Now giving people like me the opportunity to enjoy the Asian influence.

Talking about what you can discover in SF Chinatown, pretty much everything and anything under the sun. From dried snakes to all kinds of spices and herbs. Including big souvenir shops full of South Park action figures to squirrel underpants. Seriously, squirrel underpants! what’s that for? I don’t know, a real under-pant for squirrel I guess. I still don’t know the real purpose. But if you ever need ‘em, you know where to find ‘em.

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