2013: A Recap

I remember writing my 2012 year-end post, was talking about how eventful that year was. 2013 turned out to be even extra eventful, this year marked a beginning of a lot of important aspects of my life personally and spiritually. Traveling was my top priority and I managed to do that. Hope to continue traveling in 2014 as well. My mission this year is to travel across Nepal.

I moved out of the US – it was completely my decision based on my priorities. Somewhere I hope I have sowed the seeds of entrepreneurial bug in me as well. The consequences of all the steps I have taken will only be known in future. I have no clue where life will take me, the best I can do is listen to my intuition and follow my heart. Even if I make gazillion mistakes, I hope to learn from them. I hope to fail, fail fast and move on to my next mistake. I hope to keep moving and never stop.

I am equal parts excited and nervous about 2014. Whatever comes my way – be it the adversities, the failures, or the success – I want to embrace it all with open arms. I am what I choose and I choose to write my own story, I choose to follow my dreams, and I choose to just be – be me. Hopefully, I’ve grown a tad bit wiser than 2012, perhaps a little more humble, always open minded and always curious.

Here’s wishing you and me a great year ahead!

Happy New year 2014.


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