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Top 5 Manufacturing Industries of Nepal

I had been wanting to work on an svg animation for a very long time. Finally managed to create this simple animation. There’s a lot more to work on, until then here’s a quick preview: 

This was inspired by the awesome animation of Adam Coulombe.

You can also access my source files at this GitHub account:

My process involved:

  1. Drawing in Illustrator – grouping each object appropriately.
  2. Further edited svg file.
  3. Added CSS, JavaScript. Majority of my time was spent in Illustrator and CSS.
  4. Followed by endless debugging.

Adam has done a great job explaining the process. I recommend you to go through his post.

Note: This only works when run from the HTTP protocol for security reasons. If you are having issues getting the SVG to load, be sure you are testing from a web server or running on localhost.

Top 5 Manufacturing Industries of Nepal

Top 5 Manufacturing Industries of Nepal

Data Source: National Census of Manufacturing Establishments of Nepal 2011/2012, Central Bureau of Statistics, Government of Nepal.