How to Get Nepali Machine Readable Passport (MRP)?

(Updated: Feb 21, 2016) When I had applied for passport, government website didn’t have any relevant information. Since then Department of Passport’s website has improved leaps and bounds. I recommend you to visit their site for the most accurate information:

However, information given below is still relevant to get an idea on how to apply for passport in general.

This page has information on all your general inquiries.
If above link doesn’t work, access the same document here [Latest version: Jan 19, 2016] .

(Information below was posted Nov 6, 2014)

* This blog post contains information relevant to those born in Kathmandu district. If you were born outside of this district, this information may not be valid for you.

Office: Baneshwor/Anamnagar (The same office where we get our Citizenship card)
Office operation hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Pre-requisites (Required Documents/Items – applies to Kathmandu office) :

  • Rs 5000 – this is for a regular processing fee, this will get you the passport in about 2 months (or less).
    Rs 15 thousand to get it the same day.
    Rs 12 thousand to get it the next day after the submission of the application.
    Rs 10 thousand to get it in 3 days.
  • Special MRP photos: at least 3 [Please keep in mind this is not your traditional passport size photo. Make sure you get this taken from true professionals and save yourself some time and money]
  • Original Citizenship card and its copy: 2
  • Old passport copy (of the page that has your personal contact information): 2
  • Print out of Passport application with all the required fields filled.
    Citizenship verification document (Although I had this document printed out, it wasn’t used)

While I was researching about the process I realized, there are people who help you fill up the form as well outside the passport office in return for a couple 100 bucks. I didn’t do any of that. I filled out the form all by myself and printed it appropriately. They have this information for you on how to printIt didn’t apply to my OS. Regardless of whatever option you see, the point is to print 100% with no modification to the layout.

First of all make sure to fill up the form provided here and print it out.
They’ve also provided the link to a sample form if you need help.

Before you head to Baneshwor/Anamnagar office make sure you have a copy of all the documents mentioned in the Pre-requisites section above (keep multiple copies just in case). Please keep in mind the steps given below may not match precisely. I’m just giving you an idea of the process and what I went through:

Step 1: Get to Baneshwor/Anamnagar office of the DOP with all the required documents.

Step 2: Citizenship verification: room no. 105. Located on the extreme right-hand-side area of the compound.
The actual process begins by submitting your original citizenship card and its copy to room no. 105. Funny thing was on this site , it says we need to print out this document as well.
And submit it to the concerned person/department along with an original and a  copy of your citizenship card. But that document was never used. I don’t know why.
Depending on the volume of requests, you will have to queue up.

By god’s grace if your citizenship information is still available in their office and the person manages to find it. Your document will be verified. The concerned officer will sign a copy of the citizenship card. Then you go to room no. 107

Step 3: Take all your documents to room no. 107 and get those signed from the concerned officer.

Step 4: Take all your documents to room no. 106 and get those signed from the concerned officer.

Step 5: Take those documents to room no. 303. This is a different building within the same compound. Get your document(s) signed again.

Step 6: Go to the bank right next to the DOP office (on the left). You need to fill out the voucher with required information then pay Rs 5000 to the bank. If you’re lost, asks the guard for the voucher. Bank will give you one of three vouchers you fill out.

Step 7: Keep that voucher with you, you will need that to collect your machine readable passport. Now go to room no. 107. They’ll ask you for one more photo, make sure you give copies of all the required documents incase they forget. They’ll then tell you to come after 50 days (or 2 months).

Passport collection:

Office: The same office in Baneshwor/Anamnagar
Sunday to Thursday: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Friday: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

— Post 50 days —

Must carry: Your old passport if you have one, citizenship card (or driver’s license would work too)

  1. Head back to Baneshwor/Anamnagar office.
  2. Before you queue up, you need to first find your serial no. It will be on a sheet of paper littered on the table. You find the no. based on the date you submitted your application. Refer to your voucher for information.
  3. Get the no. Queue-up.
  4. Give your voucher, also your old passport if you have one, so they can cancel the crap out of it. Get your brand new passport.
  5. Go to room no. 106 to get your passport signed and you are officially done!

Now you can go wherever you want in this world provided you have valid visas.

Happy Travels! 🙂

93 Replies to “How to Get Nepali Machine Readable Passport (MRP)?”

  1. Thank you miss writer it really helped me get my passport. I really appriceated your work helping us during passport processing.

    1. Passport contains passport nos. not citizenship no. However, having said that – you will still need your Nepali citizenship card to get the passport.

  2. you ‘ve mentioned like old school passport will be invalid starting from Nov. 1st. So, does it mean like there is no need of changing old one to make new one and we will be filling up forms thinking we are making MRP for the first time?

    1. When you are applying for MRP – it’s like applying for a brand new passport. You’re correct, you don’t need to change the old one – however they will need your old passport for verification purposes.

  3. Hi, can I still travel if I don’t have mrp? I’m traveling to USA on Nov 28, 2015. If I’m applying for mrp now, how long will it take, can I get before nov 28 and what about visa stamping on new passport?
    I would be happy if I can travel without mrp on Nov 28.

    1. I’m sure Nepali government will still allow you to travel back and forth provided you have a valid visa. However, pretty sure you’ll be causing some inconvenience on the way- to you as well as the immigration officials.

  4. My place is @ laltipur and my citizenship is from vdc, so do I have to get any kind of process or signature from my VDC?? Or Do I go to baneshwor office directly??

  5. Dear sir. I applied for MRP passport from my village(CDO). how can i get it in Kathmandu in 1week. Any procedure? I paid 5000/- for it in village, i will pay next 5000/- if i can get it from ktm in a week approximately.

    1. Hello Salu Kumar Das: I wouldn’t know that for sure. However, this one may have answer you are looking for:
      If the mentioned link doesn’t work – you can also download it from here:
      As per this document, you can call this no. for more information or feedback:
      Ph no.: 01-4416011-15
      Extension no. 225, 226, 228 and 227Passport Contact info

  6. Hello, i wish to visit Bangladesh. i am 17 years old. My friend lives in Bangladesh.i want to apply for a visa of 6 months. this may be off topic, but i really really need your help. i would like to know how i can apply for a 6 month visa and how can i avoid from getting denied. it will be a great help if can tell me. thank you in advance

    1. Hello Mingma, You’ll need to apply for visa in the embassy of Bangladesh in Kathmandu, if you’re a Nepali.

      1. Thank you so much 🙂 . are there any precautions i should take to ensure my visa. i dont wanna get rejected in anyway.

  7. i had also filled form for passport but i was told to come in office in one month to get passport . what duration to get passport by normal process?

    1. Hi Sarina,
      Thank you for stopping by. Normally it takes 2 months to get the regular passport, or should I say – it used to. I just heard it on the news that the DOP is expediting this process too, even for those who have applied for regular passport. So, I would say – it’s a great news that you would now get your passport within a month.

      Bon voyage!

  8. Hi, i need to renew my old passport general to MRP but now i am wheel chair rider so can i get any helper from office or not ?

    1. Hi Jharana,
      Thank you for visiting the site. I do not have an answer to your question. However, you can call DOP office for general enquiry. Here are the numbers: 4416011,4416012,4416013


  9. Hi,
    I had applied my passport 45 days before from dharan, now I came to know that my application form has been rejected due to form size error now could u pls help me what should I do now for further processing

    1. Hi Rohit,
      Unfortunately, they do reject your application in case you incorrectly printed the form or if you have included incorrect passport pictures etc. Please follow the process given here on how to correctly print the application form: They have done a great job explaining how to print correctly. I think you will have to re-apply with the correct form size. If the issue is with your passport photo, you will have to get the MRP pictures taken from professional photographer, refill the form and re-submit.

      I don’t have information on Dharan office. But here’s the general enquiry contact numbers of Department of Passport office in Kathmandu: 4416011, 4416012, 4416013
      You can also find out the status of your passport online: If applied through your district:
      If applied through embassies:

      Please visit this site for any other information:

      Good luck!


  10. My passport got soaked in water but only have wrinkles. What should i do now?
    Should i make a new passport or what should i do? What are the procedure to make a new passport?

    1. hello, Please help me. i had commented earlier.i am 17 years old.i want to visit my Bangladeshi friend in Nepal. i have talked to his mother too.I went to embassy. the receptionist asked why i wanted to visit. i told her i want visit my friends mother. she said i cant get a tourist visa,and she told me that i was hiding something and the interviewers would tell me no in a second.i really want to visit Bangladesh. please help me. what can i do to get tourist visa?? 🙁 🙁

  11. hello, Please help me. i had commented earlier.i am 17 years old.i want to visit my Bangladeshi friend in Bangladesh. i have talked to his mother too.I went to embassy. the receptionist asked why i wanted to visit. i told her i want visit my friends mother. she said i cant get a tourist visa,and she told me that i was hiding something and the interviewers would tell me no in a second.i really want to visit Bangladesh. please help me. what can i do to get tourist visa?? 🙁 🙁

  12. I want to apply for mrp passport how many days will it take to get passport will it take 50 days or it takes lesser time now
    thank you for providing information on your blog this really helps.

    1. Hello Rojan – standard fee you have to pay is Rs 5000. That will get you the passport in 50 days, unless they changed the rule that I am not aware of. If you want it sooner, you will have to pay approx Rs 10000. That should get you the passport within a week or two (7 – 14 days). Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by. – Shailiza

  13. Hi,
    I had just had made a confirmed application form
    of password from my district for kathmandu.
    But its been more than 45 days now
    and I had not submitted my form in
    kathmandu. Can I still submit that
    form or it will be rejected.
    I am out of valley.

    1. Hi Prasant, I am not sure about out of the valley processes. So, I don’t want to mislead you by saying, you’ll be fine but if your application gets rejected, I don’t want to be blamed. Having said that, if you have the form filled out correctly – I personally feel – you’ll be fine. It’s entirely up to you. Do what you feel is right. 🙂 Or you can call them up and find out yourself: 4416011,4416012,4416013
      – Shailiza

  14. Hi, I am in India for acquiring my education. And to write GRE exam i needed my passport urgently. Because of my class work i cannot come to Nepal right now. So, Is there any provision to send my representative to do all the process required.

  15. Hello
    I’m going to Malaysia next month &got visa already but I have old passport (not MRP ).
    Is my old passport still valid for travelling ?? Pls kindly advise.

    1. Hello Sanu, I’m not sure about that – call one of these numbers and find out: (Kathmandu numbers): 4416011,4416012,4416013. Thanks, Shailiza

    1. Hi Mahendra, They don’t take our citizenship card until the passport making process is completed. You just need to leave your original citizenship card and its copy for half-an hour or so (or however long it may take them to track down your citizenship card record) at a particular room (back in the day it was room no. 105) so they can verify your citizenship information. Once that process is completed and your citizenship information is verified – you can take back your original card that very day. Hope this clarifies your question. – Thanks, Shailiza

  16. hi mam, I jst want to know ..what if we have to remove husband surname from the passport and incase we r not leaving together …n going at the stage of divorce .so is it possible to remove husband as relation from passport n to keep father as a relation in passport .. is it easy? what are the process or circumstances …

    1. Hello Salu Rai, I have no idea. All I have are these numbers that you can try calling and hopefully someone on the other line will answer your question. Please keep in mind, this is Kathmandu numbers: 4416011,4416012,4416013. – Thanks, Shailiza

  17. Dear miss,your information has been a great help to me and many others.i have a question.plz do answer.i have to make my granma’s mrp and as she is 87 years old cant go with me.can i fill up the form and all the process in her absence?and her citizensip is from dolpa.will that b a problem?thanks.

    1. Hello Jaya Rana, the only information I have are these numbers that you can try calling and hopefully someone on the other line will answer your question. Please keep in mind, this is Kathmandu numbers: 4416011,4416012,4416013.
      Also, I am not an mrp expert, I am just sharing my experience. – Thanks, Shailiza

  18. I just submitted the form for a regular MRP yesterday but i need it before november starts. Can anything be done in my case?
    Please help

    1. Hi Diyana, To expedite the process – you have to pay Rs 10 thousand. You should have had mentioned that when you submitted the form. I’m sure you should still be able to expedite it, if you go back to the Passport office, let them know and pay the correct amount. Hope it works out for you. Thanks, Shailiza

  19. Shailza, i went through comments but couldnot find the answers… my concern was- what documents are requried to present at CDO office for applying passport? The office near singhadurbar right?? And then we have to go to DOP with all the documents at Kantipath?? I would be grateful if you could help me…

    1. Hi Shivani, If you were born in Kathmandu; yes, you just have to go to the Baneshwor office with all the required documents – it’s mentioned in the blog post. As far as I know there are no any other locations you have to go to. – Thanks, Shailiza

  20. Hi,

    Would I be able to apply for a MRP passport in Nepal office via mail or DHL if I live overseas to quicken the process, without having to go through the embassy delays?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. No, the reason you have to go through the embassy is precisely because you are not in Nepal. Save yourself the headaches and go through Nepal embassy if you are abroad, even though they it takes quite a while. Good luck!

  21. Dear Shailiza,
    I am very grateful for your informative and well explained post.
    I read it before applying for the passport. I would like to share some of my experience and feedback to your post.

    The district admin office is in Anamnagar, not Baneshwore.

    Documents reqd-
    Application form- 2(same ones)
    Original Nagrikta
    Copy of nagrikta-2
    Old passport
    copy of old passport
    voucher of nrs 5000
    MRP photos-1+ 2 in form=3

    The citizenship verification form (the other form) seems to be required only if applying for the Fast service (extra pay), and not required for regular applications.

    Order of getting papers signed nowadays is- room 107 (kha) — 106 — 303 — bank (inside compound) — submit at 107 (kha).

    Hope u can update this info.

  22. Hi, I need your favour
    I have old type hand written passport and it will expire on 11 March 2017.
    So, I would like to know the process of renewal
    Thank You 🙂

  23. How long will it take to get a emergency passport
    I need to fill the form of indian embassay the last date is 1 march this rule was not there to get compulsary passport jst this year they did it ..i didnt knom abt it long will it take to get the passport. Is there any way out

    1. Hello Jyotsna, Our government has made it so easy for general public making all the information available on the FAQ section of this site
      As per the site, by paying Rs 15000 you can get the passport on the same day. Rs 12000 to get it the next day, and Rs 10000 to get it in 3 days.
      Hope this helps.

      आ) द्रुत सेवामा राहदानी विभाग काठमाण्डौबाट राहदानी लिँदा रु.१५,०००/- शुल्क तिरेर एकै दिनमा राहदानी बनाउन सकिने छ त्यसै गरि रु.१२,०००/- शुल्क तिरेर फारम बुझाएको भोलिपल्ट पाईने र रु.१०,०००/- शुल्क तिरेर ३ दिनमा पाइने छ ।


          1. If you read properly, I mentioned: Rs 5000 (To expedite the process>Rs 10,000).
            Meaning – Rs 5000 for regular processing. Expedite means, to quicken the process, which back then was Rs 10 thousand and that’s all options they had. They probably added the new options recently. Paying Rs 10 thousand got you the passport within 1-2 weeks. If you have more questions, – I suggest you to visit: or just call them.

  24. I m not from ktm. Could i be able to make passport from here without my ‘sifarish’ from my village?

  25. Hlw I applied for the passport one month ago from hetauda but my passport is still in process and i need it irgently by nov so is there any way I can get from ktm by emmergency srvice.

    1. Hello Anamika, I wish I had the answer you are looking for. No idea. You might want to call and find out yourself: (Kathmandu numbers) 4416011,4416012,4416013

  26. Hello. First of all, thank you for the wonderful article.

    I am still confused about one thing though: If I plan on getting a passport in 3 days (paying 10k), then what steps will I have to follow? Is it:

    A. Fill online form and get a bar code/print the form—go to cdo for citizenship verification—- then go to rahadani bivaag at Narayanhity, or,

    B. Fill online form and get a bar code/print the form—- directly go to Narayanhity?

    1. Hello Ray, The process is the same regardless. It’s the fee you pay that differs. The passport office for those born in Kathmandu district is in Anamnagar/Baneshowr area. I have no idea what happens at Narayanhity office.

  27. Hello, I need to renew my passport. Can I get the passport within a day ? Which form I need to fill ? How long is the process ?

  28. Hello, my dearest country fellow,

    I have my parent’s MRP needed renew upon expiration. They are in Nepal. At the time of application process for the US permanent residency, it was valid. Now it is expired, while the case is still pending process. In this circumstance, how do I apply for the new passport? Since they are very old and it is very hard for them to move around and they live outside of Kathmandu. Any advice, please?

  29. Hello mam does any document is needed to make passport from the vdc to make passport in Kathmandu.I am from gulmi and shall I need to go my vdc for any verification document to make it from Kathmandu and how many days are needed to get if apply with fee 5000 .

    1. Hello Tirtha, This information was available on the government’s passport site:
      “For those applicants who wants to apply MRP in fast track service via Department of Passport, Narayanhiti, District Verification Letter of CDO Office from where the citizenship card is issued is mandatory. To apply MRP in normal service, applicants have to apply via CDO Office from where the citizenship card is issued, fees is Nrs.5000”

      Looks like you can do that through Department of Passport, Narayanhiti,Kathmandu. However, you will need a verification letter of your citizenship card from your district. I would recommend you to visit the government’s site for the most accurate and latest information on MRP:

  30. I had taken citizenship from kTM, but now residing out of valley in my husband hometown. Can I get passport from my husband home district? What I have to do for that ?

  31. Hello mam….
    I m from siraha district but right now I studying in Bangalore. So there is any online method of applying for passport. And please also let me know how much it will expend.

  32. applying mrp passport online after how many days we have to go to office to make it if date is not given when applying.

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