Keeping the hope alive.

Listening to Gagan Thapa today was not necessarily informative. He wasn’t saying anything that I didn’t know. But somewhere I could feel a mix of desperation and undying spirit as the interview progressed. I was still craving for the moment that would at least a bit inspire me. If not leave me hopeless. This was his very first interview that I had come across. I’ve never heard him speak live, but have heard he is a great speaker. But world knows, great speakers do not always make good politicians. Having said that, it’s important to have a strong communications skills for politicians to interact with people of its own and the people outside.

As I was listening and trying my best to make sense of the words. Somewhere at the mid section he shared his experience of visiting 60 to 65 districts in Nepal post April Uprising. In order to understand his own world better. And how his visits to these places had renewed his silent spirit. Witnessing once again the people wanting to see the change in the country. At one place (I think he was referring to – Gulmi) a village that has never gotten the opportunity to reap the fruit of advanced technology. There were people all young and old waiting for him to grace the stage and speak. He was 6 hrs late and wasn’t expecting  to see anyone. To his surprise – they were there impatiently waiting for things to happen.

At the end he confessed the reality – that how desperately people are waiting for things to work out. They may be poor but still have faith – faith in the party, faith in the government, the people, the country. And it’s us who have to keep their hope alive.
I wish everyone else felt the same – especially the young generation.