A wave of change

2008 is already turning out to be an eventful year. American election, the historical Constituent Assembly in my home country, Tibet’s march for cultural freedom and so much more. 2008 has heralded an exciting, unpredictable but still a very hopeful beginning. Just till mid-2007, American politics was a complete stranger to me. If it weren’t for the heated forum discussions I wouldn’t have had ever paid attention to what was happening here in the US. Certainly a great time for America to change the course of its history.  The time when a woman is fighting for presidency against her male counterparts. The time when a black man is for the first time running for the same position. At a time when America is changing, its economy taking a downhill with a fear of recession. Never had America needed someone to help save them from the slow-death. And that’s when enters Barrack Obama. Singing the songs of hope and change and yes that Americans can. The fact that he belongs to a very diverse family has helped him make a connection with people across America irrespective of the race. At the same time, Hillary Clinton has been able to strike a chord with many across America. In this election republicans may not necessarily be at an advantage over democrats but we shall see what happens.

Amidst all this- I am also witnessing the results of constituent Assembly that took place on April 10, 2008 back home. The poll date had been postponed twice and this was the third attempt to make it possible. Despite the doubts among the regular crowd and the political pundits. It happened. In fact with less violence than expected and was considered a success. It’s such a  pity that I couldn’t be a part of this event but, still hoping for a great change ahead as I go back to my country for good. Another surprise that hit the nation was the Maoist’s overwhelming success. Well I for one wasn’t. But the news of their win even in the capital city was certainly a stunner. I’m up for anything that could possibly lead our country to a path of development. So I wish a prosperous year ahead for me, my country and everyone around.