The War Room

My horoscope today said, it’s going to be all smiles. Well I admit it – you can’t always trust the planets to predict your future. However, for some bizarre reason. It seemed to come true. First, the work load wasn’t so massive, it was quite fair and manageable. The best part- as I was just about to get ready for the War Room. My colleague said- As he won’t be around, we could do the job sitting in our own respective cubicles.
Okay, the war room. This is one lengthy cleansing process nothing too spiritual but when it comes to our site clean-up project its nothing less than one either. It’s not such a bad project but leaving everything behind for two-hour long grind is at times not fair especially during those days, when you barely even get to breath. Still having said that,  there are some factors that I look forward to this project and they are as follows:

  • Walking up to the third floor (from the ground floor). I take this as a part of my work out process. By the time I reach the destination, I almost go out of breath. Come on lady! our old house in Kathmandu was seven-storey tall. Compared to that,this should have had been a piece of cake – alas! it isn’t.
  • I look forward to contributing to this project that in turn would benefit all the Dynamics partners all over the world.

Anyway, there’s so much to do shall continue next time, if I feel like it.