Oscar Mania

I’m completely with the Writers Guild of America. I respect and support their fight but when it comes to Oscar you’ve got to bow down. I hope they will come up with some kind of agreement to let the Oscar take the stage. Missing Golden Globe was such a slap in the face. If we didn’t get to witness the Oscar night, it would be a big  disappointment to the movie lovers spread across the globe.

It’s always a special treat to witness the stars live just the way they are and just the way we like them.  Movie award shows are quite frankly- very overrated. But could we seriously do without them? Probably not. After all this is one of the few instances among other where we get to see the real human side of the actors. From winning speech to the evening gowns from red carpet moments to the golden statuettes. I would hate it if I didn’t get to witness the oscar this time.