Natalie Portman and her words

“It’s impossible to know the outcome of anything: You have no idea whether the life you impact will go on to bring peace to the Middle East or will go blow up a building.  All you can do is act with the best intention and have faith.” – Natalie Portman. Talking about her involvement with FINCA (Foundation for International Community Assistance). An organization that helps women all over the world through microfinance. And yes, she originally hails from Israel and can speak fluent Hebrew. Hence, this region has become the reason for her to fight.

Words can be such a powerful tool. Words can empower you, can inspire you and just as easily also defeat you. Words can have such a deep impact at the same time have no impact at all especially in our case where the politicians rant the same rant with no solution in the view.  Still, we never stop looking for words of inspiration, strength and encouragement. I guess that shows the persistent nature of human beings. Getting back to Natalie Portman. There’s something else she said that effected me – ‘It’s not worth living if you don’t feel that you can change something.’ I know she’s no mother Teresa but there was something going on in her head and for some bizarre reason I think I knew exactly what it was. How you express your feelings has everything to do with your life experiences. Portman must have had gone through that phase to have urged her to so strongly express her thoughts.

I hope and pray things will get better back home. It takes years to maneuver the country back to its normal state. It’s even tougher for a war-torn nation. For me it has become a matter of patience, a matter of lets-see-what-happens. I don’t expect a miracle to occur in a day or two but sure hope I’ll be one of the change agents among the millions.